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Computational Systems Biology Group as of 2016  
Computational Systems Biology Group as of 2016

The Computational Systems Biology (CSB) group moved to the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in 2008. Prior to this, we were located at the Department of Computer Science, with which we maintain a strong affiliation. The CSB group is also part of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

The CSB group is highly interdisciplinary, including biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians; individual profiles can be found on the People pages. Correspondingly, open positions may refer to rather different domains. Please note that we are spatially distributed between Basel and Zurich (see How to find us).

Our research in systems and synthetic biology is primarily computational and mathematical, but it has an increasingly important complement in experimental (yeast) biology. We develop and apply computational methods and mechanistic mathematical models to study cellular networks, to elucidate their operating principles, and to enable their rational re-design. A grand challenge is to understand and engineer cellular networks at large scale despite the prevailing uncertainty in biological knowledge and data. More information on research

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