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CSB - Computational Systems Biology Group

The CSB group comprises biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who perform interdisciplinary research in systems and synthetic biology. We focus on developing and applying computational methods and mechanistic mathematical models to study complex cellular networks, to elucidate their operating principles, and to enable their rational re-design. Our biological applications rely on the group’s experimental biology part that uses budding yeast as a model organism, and on various external collaborations.

CSB News


New PhD Student

Alina Artcibasova joins the group as new PhD student! Welcome! Read more 


PhD Defense: Robert Gnügge

Robert successfully defended his PhD! Congratulations! Read more 


Dr. Hans-Michael Kaltenbach rejoins!

Dr. Hans-Michael Kaltenbach rejoins the group as senior scientist! Welcome back, HMK! Read more 


Awards for ETH iGEM Team at iGEM Giant Jamboree 2015

The ETH Zürich iGEM Team 2015 were awarded with “Best Model” and “Best Parts Collection” at the international Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition in Boston, MA. Read more 


PhD Defense: Diana Ottoz

Diana successfully defended her PhD! Congratulations! Read more 

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